Trooper Richard F. Hammond

November 5, 1911 – January 20, 1937

Tpr. Richard F. Hammond was killed while investigating a suspected stolen car in Monroe county.

Trooper Hammond and his partner stopped a possible stolen car and apprehended two occupants. Trooper Hammond transported one of the suspects in the patrol car while his partner transported the other in the suspect vehicle. When Trooper Hammond’s partner noticed the state vehicle was no longer following him, he turned around and found it parked along the road.

Several shots were fired at him as he approached the car. The stolen patrol car then managed to elude the officer. It was later learned from the apprehended murderer that he had the drop on Trooper Hammond with a gun he had concealed in his trouser leg. He struck Trooper Hammond a crushing blow over the eye and dragged his limp body to a rural mailbox, chained him with handcuffs, placed the gun against the officer’s head, and fired the fatal bullet.

The suspect pled guilty to first degree murder in court and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Trooper Hammond was the 10th MSP officer to die in the line of duty.