Trooper Ralph L. Broullire

June 26, 1914 – March 16, 1943

Tpr. Ralph L. Broullire drowned in Saginaw Bay while trying to rescue two boys from an ice flow.

In the evening of March 16, 1943, the two young men became stranded on an ice flow that had been pushed offshore by 55 mile per hour winds. Trooper Broullire and two other men set out in a boat in an attempt to reach the boys. Another boat also started out, but was turned back by high winds and waves. Signals received from flashlights on the ice flow indicated that Trooper Broullire and his companions had reached the boys. This was the last contact with the men. The icy waters of the bay claimed the life of Trooper Broullire and the four others.

Storms and high winds seriously hampered the search for the victims. The body of Trooper Broullire was recovered on April 18, 1943.

Trooper Broullire was the 14th MSP officer to die in the line of duty.