Trooper Norman R. Killough

August 15, 1953 – October 7, 197

Tpr. Norman R. Killough was accidentally shot and killed in Flint, Michigan, while serving as an undercover officer during a stolen property “sting,” investigation.

Trooper Killough was involved in an on-going State Police/Flint Police Department undercover operation in which the two departments were attempting to establish the credibility of the undercover troopers as fences for stolen goods. Trooper Killough and his partner, another trooper, acting as criminals, were in a van that was stopped by Flint officers in a high crime area of the city.

During the second of these stops by the same Flint officers, Trooper Killough was fatally wounded when a gun held by one of the Flint officers accidentally discharged with the .38 caliber bullet striking the undercover officer in the right side. Although emergency treatment was quickly administered, Trooper Killough was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Trooper Killough was the 31st MSP officer to die in the line of duty.