Trooper Carl P. Lindberg

September 22, 1946 – May 26, 1969

Tpr. Carl P. Lindberg was shot and killed when he confronted an armed robber in the apartment complex in which he lived.

One of the apartment tenants contacted Trooper Lindberg and stated she had been talking to the manager of the complex when their conversation had been interrupted by two men breaking into the manager’s office announcing a holdup.

Trooper Lindberg, armed with his snubnosed revolver, accompanied the tenant to the office. Upon hearing no sounds within the office, the tenant went to the terrace where she heard voices. The tenant then knocked on the office window in an attempt to frighten the robbers. Both suspects fled through a side door. One of them ran down the hallway toward the lobby, encountering Trooper Lindberg. The subject shot the off-duty officer at point blank range and fled to a get-away car. Trooper Lindberg, though mortally wounded, chased the second subject and fired five shots at him before falling to the ground. Both robbers escaped at the time, but were subsequently apprehended, and received mandatory life sentences for their crime.

Trooper Lindberg was the 24th MSP officer to die in the line of duty.